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In this site, you will be able to post your pictures and tell the rest of your classmates what you've been doing the last 40 years.

This page will show you how to do everything like:

Registering your User Account.
Add or Edit your classmate information for the classes of 1965/66 through 1968/69.
Entering messages or replying to existing messages in Passing Notes.
Adding photos to the Photo Gallery.


FREE PHOTO EDITOR - Click here to download a zipped file.
Save it, Unzip it and Install it in your computer. Great for cropping
and sizing your photos. Lots of great filter effects too. And it's FREE!


Getting Started...

To use the interactive areas of this website, you will need to register a User Account.
(You will need to have cookies turned on when you register - Privacy set to Medium)

Click on "User Login" and click on New User to register your account. You only need to register once as a New User.

After you register, you can log in to your account with your email address and password and be logged in to Passing Notes and the Photo Gallery automatically. This is the easiest way to access the interactive areas of the website.

When you register, you will also choose a Username (this is not an email address).
Your Username is used by Passing Notes and the Photo Gallery but logging in through User Login will log you in to whose areas automatically.

Fill in your name, company (if applicable), phone, and email address. Choose a Username and Password. The Username is used to give you access to Passing Notes and the Photo Gallery described below.

Click NEXT at the bottom of the page to enter your account information.


Now that you have a User Login, you will be able to access all the interactive areas of the website.


Add/Edit Info is in your User Account. This is the area that you will fill in to add your writeup to your class listing. Instructions and help are below the boxes and each box is described there. We have your class photos on a page that you can copy to put on your information page. Click here to go to the photo page. Instructions are on the page. Photos are optional so if you don't want your photo shown, you can leave it out. Pat said that her dorky school photo will make all the rest of yours look good so don't be shy!


Passing Notes is a forums message board where you can read all the messages that have been posted. You do not have to have an account to read the messages. You will need to register to post new messages or reply to a message.

To post a message, simply log in to your account through User Login, choose Passing Notes, select General Topics, click on "New Topic" to post a new message or select an active topic from General Topics to post a reply. The Help file in this area is a bit confusing - we didn't write it - but if you use our tips, you'll probably be ok and become a Passing Notes fanatic like the rest of us.


Photo Gallery is where you can post your personal photos in albums.
Log in through User Login and choose Photo Gallery.

To post your pictures you will need to create an album first so you'll have a "book" to put your photos into.
Click New Photo Album on the opening page.

The next screen is where you choose a Category, enter a short Name for your album and a short Description. Click "Create New Album" to finish and go to the next screen.

Now you're ready to put photos in your album.

Album limit is 15 photos per album. Please size your photos to no larger than 500 pixels wide so they will load faster.
Download the FREE GRAPHICS EDITOR if you need a program to size your photos.
The thumbnails are generated from your large photo so if they look stretched, that's why. Your photo will appear normally.


If you have any problems or need help with any area, email or call us and we'll be happy to help you.
Pat at 214-328-3919 or Peggy at 903-873-8797.

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