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Chuck Allen

Chuck Allen

Sheila (Barnes) Barton

Sheila Barton

Jerry Barnett (photo only)

Jerry Barnett

Karen Boswell

Boswell Karen

Charles Brannon (photo only)

Charles Brannon

Kimberly (Broyles) Broyles (photo only)

Kimberly Broyles

Charles Cannefax (photo only)

Cannefax Charles

Libby Craft

Libby Craft

Richard Davis (photo only)

Richard Davis

Dianne (Deen) James (photo only)

Dianne James

Roy Deen (photo only)

Roy Deen

Steve Deweese (photo only)

Steve Deweese

Bobby Dixon (photo only)

Bobbie Dixon

Linda (Earnheart) Gober

Linda Gober

Judy (Eskue) Eskue (photo only)

Judy Eskue

Carolyn (Ferguson) Stephenson (photo only)

Carolyn Stephenson

Linda (Flanagan) Dees (photo only)

Linda Dees

Pat (Frost) Lindsey

Pat Lindsey

Paula (Furrh) Grokett

Paula Grokett

Donnie Gilliam (photo only)

Donnie Gilliam

Linda (Gunter) Kerr (photo only)

Linda Kerr

Jimmy Hay (photo only)

Bobby Hays

John Hill (photo only)

John Hill

Linda (Hitt) Hitt (photo only)

Linda Hitt

Glen Holt (photo only)

Glen Holt

Ted Jones

Ted Jones

David Laney (photo only)

David Laney

Wayne Langford (photo only)

Wayne Langford

Janie (Langley) Langley (photo only)

Janie Langley

Walter Longacre (photo only)

Walter Longacre

Paul Lovell (photo only)

Paul Lovell

Dale Martin

Dale Martin

Laquita (McCormick) Fellers (photo only)

Laquita Fellers

Polly (McCully) Cain (photo only)

Polly McCully

Joyce (McFarland) Gassiott (photo only)

Joyce Gassiott

Greg McKnight (photo only)

Greg McKnight

Bruce Miracle (photo only)

Bruce Miracle

Billy Morgan (photo only)

Billy Morgan

Billy Parker (photo only)

Billy Parker



Ginger (Roberts) Hess (photo only)

Ginger Roberts

Linda (Rusk) Lovell (photo only)

Linda Lovell

Barbara (Shelby) Bailey (photo only)

Barbara Shelby

John Shepard (photo only)

John Shepard

Tim Sockwell (photo only)

Tim Sockwell

Michael Sprague (photo only)

Michael Sprague

Steve Steadham

Steve Steadham

Ruth (Stringer) Hickson (photo only)

Ruth Hickson

James Stroud

James Stroud

David Teel

David Teel

Ronnie Travis (photo only)

Ronnie Travis

Patricia (Truelock) Dophied (photo only)

Patricia Truelock

Peggy (Vinson) Baird

Peggy Baird

Sharon (Warner) McEnturff

Sharon (Warner) McEnturff

Mary (Woodruff) Langford

Mary Langford

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