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Johnny Barnett (photo only)

Johnny Barnett

Teresa (Broyles) Broyles (photo only)

Teresa Broyles

Judy (Caldwell) Yarbrouogh (photo only)

Judy Caldwell

Carolyn Cantrell (photo only)


Gloria (Chaney) Chaney (photo only)

Gloria Chaney

Randy Chappell (photo only)

Randy Chappell

Ronnie Clower (photo only)

Ron Clower

Angela (Coates) Bailey

Angela Bailey

Celinda (Covington) Anderson (photo only)

Celinda Anderson

Sandra (Crow) Roberts (photo only)

Sandra Crow

Shirley (Day) Franklin (photo only)

Shirley Day

Jackie (Deen) Ragland (photo only)

Jackie Ragland

Joe Dempsey (photo only)

Joe Dempsey

Judy (Ditto) Tanner (photo only)

Judy Ditto

Donnie Dodson (photo only)

Donnie Dodson

Candy (Flowers) Simmons (photo only)

Candy Flowers

Gwen (Goodwin) Williams (photo only)

Gwen Goodwin

Rosalee (Hall) Holt

Rosalee Holt

Kenneth Hays

Kenneth Hays

Maxine (Hays) Davis (photo only)

Maxine Hays

Brenda (Hodge) Cherry (photo only)

Brenda Hodge

Warren Jamieson (photo only)

Warren Jamieson

Silas Kennemer

Silas Kennemer

Gary Kinney (photo only)

Gary Kinney

Sandy (Lay) Clower (photo only)

Sandy Clower

Olen Lindsey (photo only)

Olen Lindsey

Wayne Lusk (photo only)

Wayne Lusk

Danny Mapes (photo only)

Danny Mapes

Kathy (Martin) Bingham (photo only)

Kathy Martin

Sue (Martin) Martin (photo only)

Sue Martin

Sandy (Mayfield) Rodgers (photo only)

Sandy Mayfield

Mike McBride (photo only)

McBride Mike

Margaret (Moore) Carter (photo only)

Margaret Moore

Richard Mullin (photo only)

Richard Mullin

Tim Provence (photo only)

Tim Provence

Mary Lois (Rinks) Hale (photo only)

Mary Lois Rinks

Steve Roberts (photo only)

Steve Roberts

Danny Samford (photo only)

Danny Samford

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Dan Smith

Dan Smith

Brenda Truett (photo only)

Brenda Truett

Sherry (Walker) Knight (photo only)

Sherry Walker

Larry Weathers (photo only)

Larry Weathers

Mike Whiteside (photo only)

Mike Whiteside

C.W. Wilson (photo only)

C.W. Wilson

Alana (Wilson) Provence (photo only)

Alana Wilson

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