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Pat (Frost) Lindsey

What a great way for all of us to keep in touch. I work from home designing websites for businesses and do other marketing support like ads, brochures and the like for a few clients.

Iím executive producer on a documentary called ďFantastic CinemaĒ - a history of sci-fi and horror films that we just released so I put it in our classified ads so you all could see it. Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster, is the narrator and itís basically an educational piece that covers 110 years of movie-making.

Hubby, Rick, and I have been in the same place in Dallas for around 35 years. Heís retired and restores Packard autos (see some in the photo gallery in Personal Photos). Send emails Ė Iíd love to hear from everyone! Be sure to post your info to this site too. Itís just a fill-in-the-blanks so itís really easy.

Don't worry about putting your photos up.  My dorky school photo will make all the rest of yours look good so don't be shy!

Pat Lindsey Pat Lindsey

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