Roving Reporter

When asked the question, “What do you look for in a girl?” (boys question) or “What do you look for in a boy?” (girls question), this is what we got.
Charles Cannefax – I look for a figure like Jane Mansfield.
Emerson Henderson—The first thing I notice is the size of her feet.
Jerre Frost—The first thing I notice about a boy is the way his hair falls (without the greasy kid-stuff!) and the look in his eyes that tells you what kind of a person he is, J.C! (Reporter’s note: I guess she means John Conn)
Dianne Deen—The first thing I notice about a boy is his height. Tim’s note: and ‘width’ also.
Paula Furrh—The color of his socks!
Mary Woodruff—The first thing I notice in a boy is how he is dressed.
Robert Hindman—I look for looks. (Reporter’s note: What kind?)



  Twenty-one members of the Wills Point High School band have been invited to participate in the annual 100-piece Henderson County Junior College Select Band contest in Athens on March 26. The guest conductor for the evening will be Mr. Kenneth L. Green, Stephen F. Austin State College band director.
  Tryouts for the select band will be held on February 22, under the direction of Robert Dody band director at Henderson County Junior College. The members trying out for this honor are Steve Roberts and Libby Craft, solo trumpet; Warren Jamieson, cornet; Sandy Lay, alto clarinet; Kay Dawson, Sundy Mayfield, Peggy Deen, Linda Liston and Bill Thomas, clarinet; Ila Hubbard, flute; Dan Smith, trombone; Elaine Courtney, bell lyre; Cecil Adams, bass drum and tympani; Jackie Deen, Judi Caldwell and Linda Kinney, alto saxophone; Judy Morgan and Sandra Owens, bass clarinets and Mike Wright, baritone.
  The group will attend practice sessions each Monday night, beginning March 8, and continue until March 22. The concert will be presented on the evening of March 26. All parents and friends are invited to attend.


New 1965 Delta 88

You might find another car as new as the Delta 88 ... But not this year. This is Oldsmobile's Delta 88. It's unique. Unique because of it's super rocket V-8; 425-cubic--inches big, up to 370-horses strong. It is the biggest in Olds history.



  The Wills Point High School and Junior High students took part in a fire drill Friday morning, February 5. The drill was carried out smoothly and in record time. These drills take place once every month at the discretion of the fire marshal.
  A fire drill at school is an activity by means of which pupils and teachers empty the building quickly and orderly and thereby receive practice in the same procedure in case of real fires. An effective fire drill requires organization and direction. Early in the school year Mr. Pennington appointed a fire marshal, Kenneth Mislivets, and two lieutenants, Brad Ferrell and Danny Mapes and instructed them in their duties. They know the signals – three bells to leave the building and two to return – and they know the places of exit.
  Fire drills were originated and are observed to protect us in case of an emergency, a real fire. The practice of fire drills, if seriously considered, makes the pupils ability to leave a burning building a natural activity, an activity that becomes second nature. Fire drills help to prevent panic and therefore save lives. They are necessary.

From The Halls Of WPHS

“Dear Dora”

If you have any problems that you would like help with, feel free to write “Dear Dora”. Give your letters to any member of the Journalism class and you will receive prompt, expert advice.

Dear Dora, My name is Nancy and my boyfriend’s last name is Wilson. Ever since this new record, “Don’t Come Running Back To Me,” by Nancy Wilson, came out on the radio, people have been accusing me of secretly being married and recording that record. I admit it sounds like me, but it really isn’t. I have terrible cramps in my hand from signing autographs, too! What can I do to prove to my friends that I’m telling the truth about the matter?—No Recording Star

Dear “No’. If your friends don’t believe you and the record really sound like you and you’ve already become that popular, why not start recording records of your own! Now, as far as getting married—that’s another question.





City Water Supply

This is the first load of 12-inch cement-asbestos water line which the city of Wills Point is having run from a location near the spillway at Iron Bridge Dam on Lake Tawakoni to the city purification plant. Mayor Dewitt Bateman, in light colored jacket, goes over specifications with C. E. Aldridge, general supervisor of the job. Other men identified are Baker Ezell, right, city recorder, and Mr. Money, trucking contractor, left front. Iron Bridge Dam and Spillway are seen in the background.

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Tiger Tattler

  Larry Parker has a bad habit of falling down on his way to the lunchroom.
  Debbie Murrey didn’t wait until she was a senior to do something to her hair.
  Silas, how does it feel to have your very own band coat instead of a gray shirt? The band students couldn’t stand up to show the P.T.C. their new uniforms. They were afraid their trousers would fall off!
 Linda Liston, why do you always use Karate on the desk in English Class.? You wouldn’t be trying to be some girl we know would you?
  Sissy, the Tattler wants to know your brand of hairspray.
  Doctor: I’ve examined you thoroughly and all you need is a rest. Kay: Why, doctor! I need medicine. Look at my tongue. Doctor: That needs a rest, too!
  James Boxley has given his car a new name, “The White Shark.”
  Joe, Jan would like to thank you for telling her that she could wear your basketball suit when she had her picture made.
  Linda Cannefax, whose sweater did you have on at the Rains ball game?
  What’s this about Sunny wearing Peggy’s skirt?
  Mike Callahan, did the Tattler really hear you say that you would be glad to teach Linda Rohus how to swim?
  Bobby Roberts is really growing lately, according to his Senior Silhouette; he’s now 6’2” and weighs 210 lbs.
  It seems as if Tommy Munns never got on the front row to have his picture made with the journalism class but he sure did try!
  Munns, when you hurt your arm, did you use your ear lobe as a sling?
  David Laney do you always spill chemicals on the desk while doing an experiment?
  Gayle Miller who always hits you in P.E. when you are playing battle?
  Ginger you didn’t have to prove to us that you had rather fight than switch!
  Mayron Penny, did you think that the fried chicken at Linda Wilson’s house really had three legs? No, it wasn’t deformed.
  Ricky Liston and John Conn, why did you both come running into the house scared to death last Thursday night?
  Steve Steadham says that the only reason he chews tobacco is so he can watch it drip off his face mask when he spits while playing baseball.
  Candy Wingo said that she liked the stage decorations so much she wanted to live on the stage.
  Sharon Warner has become the worlds’ best bowler. She bowled a high score of 20 last Saturday. Gee!
  Thomas Ferguson has finally done it; he bought a shirt that was too large so he could build up his muscles to fit it.
  WPHS is proud to announce the “Wegin Sisters.” How about it Gale, Linda, Molly Lu and Candy?
  Gerald Hayden has a new nickname, “Horselaugh.”
  Shepard who were you and Dodson playing football with last Thursday night?
  Randy Boston did you really turn your ankle while trying to step on Eddy Starr’s foot? Shame on you!
  Tim Sockwell, Steve Steadham, John Shepard and Ann Rash were seen in Dallas last week. Could it be they went to see “Shindig?” Wills Point really gets around!


Victor H. Jordan, who joined the staff as superintendent of schools in 1964, has the big responsibility of overseeing the school system and 'ironing out' the many problems that arise.

Chemistry students (left to right) Jack Lybrand, Molly Lu Castleberry and Bobby Cannefax, demonstrate an experiment currently being studied in Troy Roberts' chemistry class.



  Classmate of the Day!

Brenda Petillo, Class of 1968

  On a nice afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I visited Brenda Beach Petillo. She is known around Wills Point Junior High School as Mrs. Petillo but most of us remember her as Brenda Beach, Class of 1968.
We met at her mom’s house, the house that Brenda lived in most of her life. She and her family moved here from Garland, TX in the early 1960’s. Her mom still lives in the same house and Brenda still lives right beside her and loves it!
Brenda went right off to college after graduation. She attended Christian College of the Southwest in 1968 and 1969 then transferred to East Texas State University and graduated there in 1972. Brenda commuted to both schools and lived at home with her parents all through college.
The first day of school at Christian Southwest she bumped into a nice fellow named Bobby Petillo who made the remark “that’s the ugliest dress that I’ve ever seen!” It was love at first sight. They married in 1972 after graduation and Bobby joined Brenda in Wills Point.
The first job that Brenda ever had was the only job that she ever had. Mr. Felix Massey hired her to teach at Wills Point Junior High School and she remained there for 31 years retiring in 2003. Her husband Bobby was also a teacher for WPISD and retired there as well. They have horses, dogs, cats and all kinds of critters and you can tell that they love their life together! And yes, they are still on the home place just west of town on highway 80. They built their home there and according to both of them, “life is good”.
Brenda enjoys piece quilts and ‘counting cross stitch’, a hobby that she has won several first place ribbons for at the VZ County Fair and even one at the Texas State Fair. She spends most days with her mom. They have their routine of things to do and ‘shows’ to watch. She also still rides horses and ‘piddles’ with the cows and other animals around the farm.
She says that her proudest moment in her adult life has been the time that she spent representing her old school as a teacher. When it comes to her life Brenda has no regrets. In five words or less everything has been; love and laughter.  

Remembering school .......
1) How do you remember WPHS? It was a wonderful time!
2) What was a fun Saturday night with you back then? Going to the show. In fact, Bobby and I still go to the Majestic every Monday night.
3) What is a fun Saturday night for you now? Staying at home and renting a movie. 4) What is the funniest thing that you remember about WPHS? Mrs. Roberts the Homemaking teacher had the class making crème pies one day. She was called to the office for some reason and she told us to continue what we were doing. Janis Kanaman was making a chocolate pie and said, “Do you think it’s ready?” We told her yes and she took the beater out of the bowl, it was still turned on and she slung chocolate pie all over everyone and everything in the Homemaking room! We had a time trying to get all of that chocolate cleaned up before Mrs. Roberts got back! We couldn’t clean it up for laughing!
5) What was your proudest moment in high school? I tried out for the Betty Crocker Homemakers Award. Girls tried out for this award from all over the United States and I was in the top 10% winners.
6) What is a secret that we never knew? I was terrified of Coach Carter and I still am! If I met him on the street, I don’t know if I could speak!
7) Who did you have a crush on and they never knew it? Buddy Weathers.
8) Did you ever cheat on a test? NO!
9) Who was your best friend? Jo Ann Shelby
10) What’s the craziest thing that you two ever did together? We were good girls! Nothing crazy!
11) Who was your favorite teacher?
Mr. Roberts

12) What did that teacher teach you that wasn’t in a book? To have a good attitude about life. He taught me about values and morals.
13) What is your biggest regret? I wish that I had been more outgoing. I was pretty shy.
14) What was your very best moment in high school? Winning the State Championship! Wasn’t it everyone’s?
15) If you could go back for a day, what would you do different? I would try harder to talk my Daddy into letting me go to the State Championship football game in Wichita Falls that night!


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Around Town...

While driving down Commerce Street a while back, I saw a tall fellow crossing the street and noticed that it was Mickey Blake Robertson, Class of 1968. Of course I stopped and jumped out of the car with my camera in hand. Mick tried to run but I caught him and here he is. You can tell that he doesn’t like to have his picture taken and I don’t know why. He still looks great! We talked about the team of ’65 and the game in Wichita Falls. He still remembers how cold it was and how tuff the White Deer team was. He said that because it was such an important game that most of the younger guys sat on the bench that night. Mickey added that was fine with him because he rememberd seeing Danny Mapes come off the field with tears in his eyes. That’s when he decided that he was in a good spot ... on the bench! Mickey married sweetheart Pam Jones, Class of ’68 and they have three sons Blake, Craig and Casey, who all graduated from Wills Point High School. He and Pam have lots of grandchildren that they love to spend time with! Hey Mickey Blake!

Many of you probably don’t know this, but this pretty young lady is my cousin. Her name is Debbie Anderson Goggans, Class of 1971. We were at our ‘Momma Sue’s Christmas’ where we see each other every year and catch up with the latest family and school gossip. It’s a double whammy for us! Debbie and husband Mike, Class of 1969 owned and operated Goggans Funeral Home for many years and just recently retired. Now they travel and love doing ‘stuff’. They’ve got two gorgeous daughters named Kim and Nichole. Debbie and Mike live in Terrell. Hi Cuz!

This handsome young man is Jeff Conn, Class of ’88. His uncle is John Conn, Class of ’69. The pretty girl with him is Caryn Howell Jackson, Class of ’89. Now for the important people; Jeff’s mom is Molly Mayfield Sanders, Class of ‘62 and Caryn’s mom is ME (Peggy Vinson Baird), Class of ’66. Jeff has worked in the construction business for many years and Caryn works in the county clerk’s office in Kaufman. The kids are a ‘couple’ and we’re all tickled pink about it. Be good kids!

I noticed a very handsome older man standing beside me the other day and after a closer look, I realized that it was Mr. Victor Jordan! He was at the drug store picking up some things and looked great! Mr. Jordan was the WPISD Superintendent when we were all in high school as you all probably remember. Mr. Jordan retired here after many years at WPISD and still lives in Wills Point. Hiddy Ho, Mr. Jordan! See Mr. Jordan's picture above in the Blast from the Past!

I ran into this wild man from school the other day when I was visiting my brother. Who can forget Bobby Garner, Class of '71? He was there on his Harley Davidson and why would we be surprised! I believe that I would have been shocked if he had been driving anything else. Bobby has lived around these parts all of his life. He works in Dallas and he's single. Hey there Bobby G!


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James Boxley, Class of 1965

  When I was trying to decide who in the class of 1965 I would ask to be our ‘classmate of the day’, I wanted to interview someone that we all knew. I wanted someone that we knew but someone that we hadn’t heard from in a while and that’s when I decided that it would have to be James Boxley. Who can forget James, with his soft voice and very shy but sweet personality. He’s a hard guy to catch up with, so finally, I asked him to come by after work and he was nice enough to accommodate me.
  James and his family moved to Wills Point, Texas from Mississippi when he was six months old and he’s been here since then. The Boxley family bought a farm just out of town and he has lived there all of his life except for a short time while he was in the military.
   James graduated in May of 1965 and for one year he attended college at Henderson County Junior College in Athens. He decided that school wasn’t for him and he dropped out. As we all remember well, Uncle Sam was ready to ‘grab’ you right up as soon as you weren’t in school and that’s what happened. He was drafted into the US Army in 1966. His first thirteen months was spent in Southeast Asia but the rest of his tour of duty was in Germany and he came home after three years.
  Shortly after returning home he met a nice girl and fell in love. James married her in 1969. He worked for himself on the family farm until 1984, then went to work for Van Zandt County and has worked there for the last twenty two years. He’s still employed with no plans to retire any way soon.
   James has a daughter Kim who graduated WPHS in 1990. She is a housewife and lives in Seagoville, TX. Kim has three children; two girls and a boy. His son, James Boxley, Jr., Class of 1991, is a baseball coach at Forney High School and he’s single. When talking about his family, it wasn’t hard to see that he is a very proud Dad and Grandpa.
  He enjoys hunting. Fishing and has a garden that he loves to ‘play in’. James still lives on the farm and there’s always something to do. His proudest moment after school came when he served his country in the military. His biggest regret is “maybe getting away from the farm and doing something else”. James’ life in five words or less; “I’ve learned a lot’.

Remembering school...
1) How do you remember WPHS? It was fun and hectic.
2) What was a fun Saturday night for you back then? Cruising!
3) What is a fun Saturday night for you now? Staying at home and watching TV.
4) What is the funniest thing that you remember from school? We always had fun at Halloween throwing eggs, rotten ones if we could find them!
5) What was your proudest moment in school? Graduation.
6) Do you have a secret that we never knew? Yep and I still can’t tell it.
7) Who did you have a crush on and she never knew it? Linda Liston.
8) Did you ever cheat on a test? Yes.
9) Who was your best friend? Thomas Ferguson.
10) What’s the craziest thing that you two ever did together? We used to take the tail pipes off of our cars to make them sound loud and fast. We always got stopped by the police but they never did anything to us.
11) Who was your favorite teacher?
Jim Burden.

12) What did that teacher teach you that wasn’t in a book? Discipline.
13) What is your biggest regret from school? I wish that I had studied more.
14) What was your very best moment in high school? I was on the baseball team the year that we went to the playoffs at Hallsville. We had a real good team that year and I was proud to represent my school.
15) If you could go back for a day, what would you do different? I would pay more attention to everything because it was a good time in my life but like a lot of people who are young; I rushed through it and couldn’t wait to grow up. If I could go back, I would pay more attention.

Valentine Special Feature

“Buddy & Laquita, A Love Story”

(The following story was sent to me by Laquita McCormick Fellers, Class of ’66 who married her high school sweetheart Buddy, Class of ’64 in the summer of 1965)

Buddy and I have known each other all of our lives. Neither of us can remember not knowing the other, but we weren't really friends until after he decided to ask me out for a date.

Our story together started in the halls of Wills Point High School. He was a junior and I was a freshman and it was in the winter of 1963. He walked up to me in the Library (study hall) one day and just stood there. I just stood there, too. The bell rang just as he finally got up the nerve to ask me out and then I had to tell him that my daddy did not let me date. Well, that did not deter Buddy at all. He hung around me all the time at school. He walked me to class and finally he talked me into moving my books to his locker.

I didn't like him very much for a boyfriend at first but he was so persistent and so serious and such a nice guy. And he finally won me over. Buddy's sister Lynn ran interference between us and she passed our 'notes' back and forth each day. He was winning my heart.

After a few months Buddy got tired of waiting for me to meet him at the show. Sometimes I got to go and we sat together and held hands but for the most part he had to tolerate being 'stood up’ due to my strict rules at home.

Then Buddy finally decided to just come out to my house uninvited. He had heard stories about my Dad being very strict and stern and there was always our big, mean dog to contend with but he came to see me anyhow. Surprisingly Buddy made fast friends with the dog but my Dad was another story. He continued to just 'run him off'. Daddy kept telling Buddy over and over that I was not allowed to have boys over and that he was not welcome there. I'm sure it wasn’t on that first visit, but I remember Buddy telling my Dad once that he might as well get used to him being around because he would not be staying away. Daddy had met his ‘match’.

I was certainly impressed that Buddy would stand up to my Dad and still be polite at the same time. I was not allowed to talk on the phone either, at least not to a boy. Buddy would call every weekend, usually on Saturdays or Sunday afternoons when I didn't make it to the show. My Dad would tell Buddy, "No, she can't come to the phone!” When we heard that, we knew that Buddy would be turning into the driveway in just a few minutes time.

Then after what seemed like a lifetime my Dad started talking to Buddy. Daddy either felt sorry for him or finally came to like him. After several months of Buddy's persistence, my Dad agreed to let him visit me on Sunday afternoons.

A visit to my house included having my three little sisters sit or walk with us. And the rest as they say is history. In 1964 Buddy and I enjoyed my sophomore and his senior years as sweethearts, seeing one another each day at school. My parents were always strict and most of our dating time was spent with my family or his but we were together and that’s all that mattered. We married on July 2, 1965. As a promise to my parents I went back and finished high school with my class. I've always been extra proud to have been a member of the class of '66 and I’m glad that I decided to return to school that last year.

Buddy and I started our family in January of 1967 when our daughter, Jodi, was born. Our son Lance joined the family in November of 1969. Both of our children now have their own families and are doing well. Buddy and I grew up with our children. We made a point to spend as much time as we could with them. We traveled a lot, most of the time to the mountains in the summer and we had a lot of fun hiking and camping. But Buddy and I both now agree that we actually like being grandparents more than we enjoyed being parents. It’s fun to spoil them and send them home.

We lived in Wills Point while the children were growing up and then moved to Dallas for 15 years. Now we are residents of Edgewood. We have a little farm with a log cabin, a few cows, two dogs, two cats and a couple of birds.

Buddy is retired from Gaylord Container in Dallas. He worked there for 32 years and was given an early retirement at age 52. Now he works a few months each year for Expo Group in Irving, usually building booths for conventions. He also loves to spend time with our grandchildren, travel, bow hunt, work with his cattle and just hang around the farm. I have been in real estate banking serving in loan administration for the past 21 years. I work for JP Morgan Chase in downtown Dallas. Commuting is not always fun but it is better than living in the city on any given day. I also love to spend time with the grandchildren, love to travel, read and just hang around the farm with Buddy.

There have been rough spots but they’ve been few and far between and we’ve managed to get past them. Buddy is my hero and my best friend. Anyone who knows him knows that he doesn’t talk much but when he does have something to say it is always important, interesting or just plain funny. Our song back then was Ruby and the Romantics, ‘Our Day Will Come’. I still love that song.

Buddy and I are quite a pair. We’re as different as night and day and I love him more now than I ever have and of course I appreciate him so much more now than when we were younger. And like ‘our song’ back in high school, our day has come over and over and over.

We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary last summer on a cruise to Alaska. We have been blessed with a wonderful life together.

Made you laugh...

Old age is when former classmates are so gray and wrinkled and bald, they don't recognize you.

An older gentleman was on the operating table awaiting surgery and he insisted that his son, a renowned surgeon, perform the operation. As he was about to get the anesthesia he asked to speak to his son. "Yes, Dad, what is it?" "Don't be nervous, son; do your best and just remember, if it doesn't go well, if something happens to me .. your mother is going to come and live with you and your wife...."

Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me, I want people to know "why" I look this way. I've traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved.

"Is it true," she wanted to know, "that the medication you prescribed has to be taken for the rest of my life?"
"Yes, I'm afraid so," the doctor told her.
There was a moment of silence before the senior lady replied, "I'm wondering, then, just how serious is my condition because this prescription is marked 'NO REFILLS!'

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The Majestic Theater and movies we saw there!That's Entertainment!

Do you remember some of the movies and music from '65 and '66?

What was your favorite movie? The Majestic was the place to go on Saturday night to meet friends! All the movies from '65 and '66 are available on DVD today so now we can really watch the movies we told our parents that we saw 40 years ago!

Remember cruising? We'd make a few circles downtown ... go around the monument down to the end of main street, make a u-turn, do that three of four times ... then cross the tracks take a left at the light and head out to the Dairy Maiden 'or' Cowboys .... (according to who your talking to and what they called it) .... then you head back downtown ... or you stopped at Cowboys if you saw someone that you knew ... you left your car there if you were 'getting in' and 'riding around' with somebody else ..... ahhhh, those were the days!

Hey, gas was 31 cents a gallon in those days and there were plenty of cool cars. We were a real American Graffiti town!

We partied with our friends, played ingenious pranks on each other like pushing a car several blocks away, baby goats in the back seat, flashing emergency lights behind couples who were trying to park, and more that we can't list here. 

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Activities, Organizations and Memories! 

Although our football team was the biggest part of our history that year, a lot of us were taking part in other activities and school organizations. And just to bring back more memories, we included some of the movies and music from our great year.

Student Council
Mr. Troy Roberts, sponsor
Roy Deen, President and
David Teel, Vice President
Dianne Deen, Secretary

Sarah Strawn, sponsor
Joyce McFarland, Head Cheerleader
Nelda Penny, Senior
Kathy Martin, Junior
Janet Geddie, Sophomore
Dianne Dewees, Freshman
Marsha Coomer, Mascot

Candy Flowers, Drum Major
Sandy Lay, Junior
Jackie Deen, Junior
Sandra Owens, Sophomore
Melissa Hallman, Sophomore
Suzanne Lingold, Freshman
Karen Conn, Freshman

Tiger Band
"Presenting the 1965-66 Tiger Band!" Seventy-two members led by John Brown received honors such as a Division Two rating in the UIL contest; Division Three rating in concert; Division One rating in sight reading. The band performed at parades and community functions as well.

S.P.Q.R. Wills Point Chapter
Mrs. J. W. Simmons, Sponsor
Jerry Lawrence, President
John Holt, Vice President
Kathy Martin, Secretary

Speech Club
Mrs, Linnie Foster, sponsor
Steve Roberts, President
Kirk Evans, Vice President
Melissa Hallman, Secretary

F.H.A Chapter
Mrs. Glenn Roberts, Advisor
Willene Woolverton, President
Roy Deen, F.H.A Beau

F.F.A Chapter
J. T. Wiggs, Advisor
Glen Holt, President
Peggy Vinson, Sweetheart

Annual Staff
Sarah Strawn, Advisor
Dianne Deen, Editor in Chief
Alana Wilson, Assistant Editor
Ginger Roberts, Classes Editor
Chuck Allen, Sports Editor
Joyce McFarland, Organizations Editor
Ronnie Travis,