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Tiger's Guestbook!

This is our new guestbook. Our other one was a spam magnet so we created a new page that we'll update when we receive new entries. Send us your memories and comments or just say hi to everyone. We'll hide your email address in your name so if anyone wants to write to you, all they have to do is click on your name.

We would love to hear from you so click here to send us an email to publish in the guestbook!

From the Guestbook:

Glenn Rivers
Very good pages. Made me stop and think of the fun we had following in such great foot steps. To all the classes here and staff. Memories will never be lost, for we are strong. We are Tigers.

Cindy (Moses) Mislivets
Peggy & Pat this website is great! Peggy, I especially appreciate you keeping all of us (especially me) up to date on all the people from my past. Since moving South it has been "homesickitis!" Thanks again and keep up the good job!

Steven Wilcoxson
Great job on this website (class of 1977)

Janet Geddie Gilmore
Peggy, I'm so glad I found this site. I have really enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the old newspaper articles. Thanks.

Betty Read Alexander
Hadn't visited your web site in a while. Really enjoyed your pictures of the 66/67 reunion. Several of you I knew when you were little kids so it was nice to see the grown up version! Keep up the great web site.

William "Lon" Burnam
Class of 1990. I guess Wills Point began a change in the 80's. Although I only spent 8 years in the area, she holds my fondest of memories. May I get to visit you often Wills Point. God Bless You ... Merry Christmas, Lon

Chris Lusk
Merry Christmas Everyone, hope everyone has a safe holiday season!

Patsi Furrh Mahaley
Fantastic site. You all have done a wonderful job and all the hard work really shows. Sure like all the photos. I love seeing all the people still "back at home". Wills Point will always be home. Thanks for taking such good care of it. Wills Point was the best place to be in the 50's, 60's. Wouldn't have traded my time there for anything and you are keeping those memories alive for so many. Class of 64.

Christopher Lusk
I really like your website, great job collecting the photos. I will tell my dad about the site, he's from the Class of '66, and was #82 on the State Champs football team.

Zack Watkins
Very nice site...I never knew where Wills Point was even though we played you (Hughes Springs High School) in basketball playoffs at the Pit at North Texas University in 70 or 71. Hughes Springs won State in 2AA in 71...basketbakk was their only claim to fame in those days but they went to Regional at Denton for 5 years in a row and won in 71 and 72 (lost in state playoffs) After looking over your site I had no idea that Wills Point played football so well in the 60's also. If anyone remembers the little white haired boy on the 71 basketball team , please email me. Hope you all have some great reunions this year. Ps: Don't guess I would have ever known where Wills Point was at had we not moved to Forney last year from Paul Pewitt. I am blind from cancer and don't get out a lot but I have a son who plays on the 6th grade Jack Rabbit team...he's little like I used to be but very atletic...he even played baseball this past year with a couple of boys who stayed with their grand parents in Wills Point...we would have moved there but it was just a little too far for my wife to drive into downtown Dallas.
You all take care,
I enjoyed the site.
Zack Watkins Forney, Texas

Caryn Howell Jackson
I just want to let my Mom (Peggy Vinson Baird) know how much I admire her. She has worked very hard on all the projects that concern this web site, and other community activites with WPHS. My mom has been my rock for the last two years. What a wonderful mom I have been blessed with. And what a wonderful GG my girls have been blessed with. If you have ever had the pleasure to know her, you are a very lucky person. I LOVE YOU MOM!

Debbie Jo Smith Cameron
Great job on your website. I am Mike Smith's (class of 1967) sister, Debbie Jo. I loved the photo gallery. I remember so many of you guys with such fondness.

Patty Reid Cooper
I would just like to compliment you on your wonderful website. I ran across it by accident and have come back to visit several times. Loved the old photos....'remember these'. My sisters and I attended Wills Point schools for many years. Pam Reid - 1969, Debbie Reid - 1974 and Patty Reid - 1977. Your website really brought back some wonderful memories....I sent a link to both my sisters. I'm sure they'll love it too.
Thanks again!
Patty Reid Cooper
Midland, Texas

Russell Scott
Unbeknownst to me, fact of this link was sent recently as a total surprise. I knew this time and place was unique but hey here's confirmation. I've been out of the loop in like forever but have arrived at that time when I would welcome any and all updates, info, and invitations. Really. What can I say? it's been a long time. Jerry, Mike, Tom, Butch, or Linda - are any of you out there? Are there any up coming 'not-to-miss' events? Keep me posted, please.
Class of 1968 ruled ( but didn't they all).

Susie Deen Hagler
Roy Deen's sister, Susie, Class of 1960

Sharon Warner McEnturff
Well, I finally made the time to browse through the 65/66 website and it is really impressive. Somebody has put lots of love and effort into this. You can really be proud. It is good for everyone who loves W.P. This brought back some of the best memories I have. Be sure to tell whoever did this how much I enjoyed it. I'm sure everyone feels the same way.
The message above is from my cousin Johnice Cotten Waddle, and this is what she had to say about our class site. I told her that Peggy and Pat are the caretakers of this site, although many people have contributed new and old pictures to the website. I just wanted to share with everyone how she felt about the site. Again, thanks to Peggy and Pat

Pamela Minton
Great website. What memories... would love to hear from old friends and classmates. I teach GED to adults in Gilmer.
Pam (Chitty) Minton

Darlene Morrison
Thank you for including Billy Don in the memorial page. He loved this town and never wanted to live any where else.Our two children are members of the Class of '87 and '91 and our oldest grandchild Keith is a member of the class of '07.Until his death Billy Don had season tickets to the Tiger football games.

Coach Wendell Boozer
Everyone was great at the homecoming/dedication for Coach Davis. If I missed you, Please email or call. I would love to hear from you. You were all so special to me. Remember our baseball team also went as far as they could go in the state playoffs that school year. What fantastic athletes Wills Point turned out!! thanks again--Coach Boozer PH: 903--832-6324 or email..I live in Texarkana, TX. & retired after 39 yrs.

Judge Ozelle Wilcoxson
Hope I am not intruding. However, want all who have access to this web page to know how proud Ken's graduating class 1956 is of Ken and his accomplishments. I had the pleasure of being a classmate of Ken; a class with about twice as many guys as gals. I can remember when we voted on our Senior Class Trip, and guess where we went? To a Dude Ranch. When you are outnumbered, you don't get to go to Padre Island! Ken grew up in this sleepy little town of Wills Point, not much to do but obey your parents, growing up with your friends, working hard,and getting by. We knew if we got into trouble, someone would tell our parents and our teachers! We all had fun and have remained friends down through the years. And, our numbers,small to being with,have decreased with passing of time. Thanks to each of you for making this a truly meaningful, wonderful and memorable event for Coach. Yes, it was long overdue! And, those of you who worked so hard getting this together are the ones who made it happen. Thank you for allowing my class AND ME to be a small part in your activities. Our guys who played with Ken back in the "olden days" were so glad to see each other and yes, you made us all feel young again. God Bless You One and All! Please, if you will, I encourage you to get a letter off re. Coach Davis' induction into the High School Coaches Hall of Fame.
W. Ozelle Wilcoxson, Justice of the Peace.
Class of 1956

BG (Bo) Boshear
Class of 1947.. You have a wonderful site here and quite a few of the "oldies" (people and places) bring back many fond memories.. Thanks for the oportunity to revisit Wills Point.

Mozelle Taylor
Peggy, this is a fantastic job on the web site. I especially liked the Photo Gallery and pictures of some of my old teachers. All the pictures brought back great memories.

Randy Read
Peggy, you've done a fantastic job with this site. I've spent hours looking at every page and it has touched memories I forgot I had.
Randy Read Class of '71

Betty Read Alexander
My attention was called to the Photo Gallery and I am so glad I took a look at it. I'm from the WPHS Class of 1950 but Wills Point is still my heart's home.

David Smith
Great to see so many familiar faces. Always loved keeping up w/u guys when I cd find you. Sure wd like to see more pics. Nice to see those at the Reuion 9/23, also. I hope you all stay in touch. Terrific website, Pat - Peggy. Good work

Rick Douglas
God Bless All Of The Class of "65"

Lucia LyBrand Deen
What a great site! Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories.

Beatrice Conn
Greatest team in history. Proud to have been the mother of one of the managers.

Scott Longacre
It's hard to believe that magical football season was 40 years ago. Sometimes I can't remember "awhile ago", but I'll never forget the Fall of '65. Wills Point was a special place for all of us that year. Great teachers,great friends,and special events like the '65 football season make for great memories.

Michael Smith
This looks like a very good web site.

Silas Kennemer
I would love to know who is managing this site and who created it. It is so much fun to look at our history. I have just retired from 32 years of teaching and it seems like only yesterday we were moving to the new high school, class of 1967! Wills Point High School was the greatest then. By the way, this site is Great, too! Thanks.

Linda Jo East Callahan
Great site...many pleasant memories of WPHS.

Russ Collins
I am no longer the web master for the school site, but I am helping the new guy, Randy Reagan. Could somebody email me and let me know if it is okay for him to put a link to this site from the ISD's home page? (Especially the state champs part since the field is being dedicated this year to Coach Davis) This site looks great, by the way!

ChesTeena Wilson Hullum
This is a GREAT site, but please add more pictures...

Link Davis, Jr
Hope to see you at home coming,,,,,,,

Buz Craft
This is going to be a great site. Count me in for some ad space. Buz




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